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Am I a Drug?

I’ve found a new favorite game.

Today, we had some friends of ours over for the afternoon.  They’re married and have 3 kids and two dogs.  This made for a pleasantly noisy house while the kids and dogs all played.  Our dog is always ecstatic when we have doggie company for her.

Anyhow, after lunch we ran the kids off into the bedroom and our friends pulled out a game they’d brought with them.  It’s an old game, but new to us.  It’s called Hedbanz.  If you don’t know it, basically, you have a bunch of cards with different words (and pictures in the kid version) and you each take a card and place it in the headband card holders that come with the game.  Then you take timed turns trying to guess what your card is using yes/no questions.  It was pretty fun.  But we all agreed that it could have been more fun with more “adult” words.

So, I got online and looked up the game.  I found an adult version on Amazon that seemed to be about the same, just without the pictures.

Well, that would have been okay… but a more “adult” version would still be even better.

This is what I did.

I have about 300 blank 3×5 index cards.  I grabbed a bunch of them and a dark colored pencil (they’re not very thick so marker would have shown through).  Then, I sat down with my materials and began making my own.  That’s right, I started putting my own words on the cards.  I wish I’d have thought of this years ago…

With no help from the peanut gallery (my boyfriend) I came up with 40 words for the game.  I’m so excited I can barely stand it.  I can’t wait to play again and see the look on someone’s face when they guess that they are a rooster, or stripper pole…  Or other things that I could probably get kicked off of here for saying… 😉

I don’t know if this was really “post” worthy, but I’m stupidly excited and will probably force my cousins that are going to visit tomorrow into playing a couple rounds.

Either way, it’s a really simple, cheap, and easy game to put together and play.  And you can use any vocabulary you want!  From kid safe to George Carlin-esque, you get to pick.  Oh, and in case anyone that reads this likes the idea enough to do it at home, the turns were about 1 minute, during which the person gets to ask as many questions and make as many guesses as they can.  If they get it right, the timer stops and they get another card.  The timer starts up again when they resume asking questions. Give every correct guess a point and at the end of the game, the highest points wins!!

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