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Making My Debut!

Well, here I am.  I’ve thought about doing a blog for a long time now, since “Why Girls Are Weird” by Pamela Ribon came out in 2003, actually.  More recently I saw Julie & Julia and fell even more in love with the idea.  But now, now the time is right.

I’m a stay at home mom. I have one monstrous precious little girl who will be 4 in September.  She is my Monkey.  We have lots of fun together.  This is partly my break from her. 🙂

I also have one “soon to be husband or he’ll pay dearly” as well.  He is my Lorax.  This is not because of any great Dr. Suess-iness he may or may not have.  My Monkey saw a picture of the Lorax and immediately identified it as my boyfriend.  What can you do?  I mean, aside from snicker and fail to correct the mistake.  In case curious minds want to know, my boyfriend isn’t orange. 🙂

Now that you’ve met the other characters in this “meet and greet” I suppose it’s time to introduce myself.  My name is Katy.  I will be 23 ahem, 30 this year.  I’m definitely NOT freaking out about it.  My hobbies now include blogging.  I really enjoy cooking and baking.  I’m terribly hit or miss with it though.  I actually enjoy all sorts of things and will probably get around to each of them on here at some point.

What I’m doing here:  I finally decided to create this blog after seeing many others with fabulous ideas and recipes.  I have fabulous ideas and recipes.  Lots of them I come up with on my own!  Lots of them fail miserably and become a constant source of amusement for my friends and family.  What more obvious choice of action is there than to publicly record these triumphs and failures?  None I say, none.  So, this blog should be pretty eclectic, containing everything from recipes, break it myself how-to’s and crafts to amusing anecdotes about life with a small child, a Lorax and failed attempts at home making.

I hope every one who stumbles across this enjoys what they see, because really, that is all I’m aiming for.  🙂


One response to “Making My Debut!

  1. Alicia Burl says:

    well i read the other two and i must say they made me smile keep it up and keep me posted anyway to get this on facebook everytime you post a new blog?

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