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He’s Gonna Miss Me…

on June 12, 2013

Summer is (finally) upon us and we’ve been crazy busy around here. We’ve had road trips (that were awesome) and spring cleaning to be done. And through all of this, there is one particular song that keeps popping into my mind.
Have you heard that Brad Paisley song I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishing Song)? Well, my life is kind of feeling like that right now. Except, opposite. If I don’t go fishing soon I’m going to leave. I’ll just quit.
Actually, that is my plan tomorrow. I’m going to quit, for the morning at least. Which normally, I wouldn’t do. But after the following conversation, well..

Me, “Do you have any plans tomorrow?”
The Honey, “Yes.”

Me, “Uh, would you like to tell me what they are?”
Him, “Well, I guess I’ll just see what gets done.”

All this time, I thought women were supposed to be the ones to have the enigmatic answers that left you with more questions than you started with. I mean, that’s how TV portrays us… Anyhow, getting info out of that man is worse than having dental work done. And they don’t make anesthetics for his particular kind of pain, except booze.
Booze would work.
So, because he’s acting like a petulant child that is assuming you’re going to ask them to do chores before you can say anything, I’m taking the morning off.

When you’re fishing it’s never too early for booze anesthetic, right?

Which brings me to another confusing gender preconception. Aren’t men supposed to be the ones that are nuts about fishing? He refuses to go. Flat out refuses. I do all the stupid crap he wants to, but suggest spending a couple hours on a sunny day sitting at a calm lake and he acts like we’re talking about human sacrifice.
And I LOVE fishing. I can fish all day long, successfully or not. And with this weather and the proximity of some of the best fishing lakes in the state, well, it’s just about too much to bear.

So, while I’m sure running away won’t actually teach him anything, scoring some fresh fish for dinner will make me forget about being irritated all together.

And I might not share.


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