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Why My Dog is My Favorite Kid

on January 22, 2013

By now, if you’re following this nonsensical blog, you know that I have an ornery little girl.

We recently added a large dog to the family.


Goobers, our puppy.

I love my family.  They are all wonderful, from the kid, to the dog, to the Lorax.  But sometimes, well, sometimes my dog is my favorite of the bunch.

He is just so nice!  He loves me!  He never talks back.  He cuddles when I want to cuddle.  He doesn’t leave socks on the floor.

And because I think that everything needs a list of examples, here are a few specific reasons why my dog is my favorite kid.

Kid: I don’t want to eat that!  It’s yucky!    Dog: FOOD!!!!

Kid: No! I don’t want to!   Dog: Woof! *Tail Wags*

Kid: That’s not fair!   Dog: Woof! *Tail Wags*

Kid: But I waaaaaaant it!!!!   Dog: *Puppy Dog Eyes*

To kid: Sit down! Kid: *Wiggle Wiggle*   To dog: Sit!  Dog: *Sits*

Kid: But this isn’t the kind of candy I wanted!   Dog: A treat! Yay! *Tail Wags*

Kid bedtime: Jack-in-the-box up and down, screaming, crying.   Dog bedtime: My feet are warm.

Kid: You’re not my friend anymore!!!   Dog: I’ll always be your friend.

Of course, in the end, they’re both pretty awesome.

Kid: I love you!    Dog: I love you! *Tail Wags*


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