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Incessantly Unlucky

on May 12, 2012

Today was an adventure.

It didn’t set out to be.  In fact, it was supposed to be quite the opposite, but, apparently, that is not to be where I am involved.

The plan was to meet up with my sister, childless, and we were going to go get our hair done and go out to a nice lunch.  Basically pretend we’re civilized humans.

So, my boyfriend, child and I set out this morning at 10am so that I will be at my mom’s to meet my sister at 11:30am (we live an hour away).  Not quite a mile out of town we have to turn around to grab the forgotten movies that have to be returned.  Once we have them and get back on the road, things go pretty good.  We get into town at 11am and are supposed to meet my brother at the park so he and my boyfriend can hang out while I’m busy.  He’s late.  I call at 11:20am and he says he’s not even left home yet.  Grr.  Ten minutes later he shows up and I run like a mad woman to meet my sister.  And what happens?  The guy in front of me wants to go 10 mph slower than the posted speed limit.  Grrrr.

So fast forward, I make it in time to pick up my sister and make it to the salon with seconds to spare.  In we go and they’re not very busy.  Yay!  So, we talk to the lady and she tells us to take a seat while we wait for the stylist to finish up with her current customer (there are other stylists that are not busy).  So, we sit.  And I’m watching a little (okay, I was tormenting my sister) and notice the girl who’s to be doing our hair has kind of, well, dull looking hair.  It’s colored, but she hasn’t done anything with it.  Hmmm.  Well, it’s our turn and I let my sister go first (which would have given her a heart attack if she hadn’t been noticing the stylist’s hair as well).  My sister has really long, really curly, really crazy hair so the hair cut took a while.  Which gave me ample time to watch the stylist and wonder if she really knows what she’s doing.  She had some issues getting the lengths even on both sides and, I think, the owner came over and had to show her something.

Now, I’m not an expert, or I wouldn’t need to have someone else do it, but this seemed a little odd to me.  Well, eventually my sister’s hair is done, and it looks nice.  So my fears are put to rest, for a little bit.

It’s my turn now.  I am a little nervous, but I’m also getting most of my hair chopped off too, so that isn’t helping.  While she’s cutting my hair, it feels, well, weird.  She’s sectioning my hair weird and had to ask me where my part was.  Well, had to have me part it for her.  She gets it all cut to the right length and then can’t figure out how to even the sides on front.  Hmmm.  Instead of pulling the hair forward and clipping it even, she stands behind me, takes the two front sections of hair between her fingers in each hand and closes her eyes and slowly runs her fingers to the ends.

“Hmm, they FEEL the same, but they sure don’t look even.  That’s odd, I’ve never seen that before.”


I explained they were uneven, which one was longer and she finally got them even.  The rest of the layers went a little more smoothly, but were painstaking because she didn’t understand the lengths they were supposed to be.  I had to repeat it over and over and then show her over and over.  Which, I guess isn’t terrible, but, I had a picture for her to go from…..

Anyhow, the hair cut turned out okay.  (I think.  I’m still messing around with it.  We shall see.)  We left, commenting once in the car about our shared discomfort.  If I’d known my sister felt the same, we probably would have gone somewhere else.

Regardless, we get in the car and I think, “Coffee!!  Coffee will make us feel better!!”  Off to McDonald’s we go.  We get to the speaker to order and we order vanilla iced coffee and a carmel mocha iced latte.  I am told, “We don’t have carmel mocha lattes.  But you could get a mocha with carmel.”  If you don’t know, a mocha is a latte with chocolate.  Thus making a mocha with carmel also a carmel mocha latte.  My sister looked at me in disbelief and started laughing.  I griped that I deserved a break after being terrified for so long about my hair.  Oh well, the coffee was awesome, so off we went to pick up lunch and go to the park.

On the way, I’m telling my sister that 90% of the time that I go out stupid things happen, like the hair cuts, or the silly order taker at McDonalds.  We laugh and decide to go to Taco Bell.  We ordered a chicken quesadilla and a nacho belle grande with double meat and double cheese.  The quesadilla is hers.  We get to the window, and wait, and wait, and when they open it, the manager asks if I would mind getting two nacho supremes, he accidentally put it in as a supreme instead of a belle grande.  More over, he asked in such a way that it seemed like it was my responsibility to take what they had instead of getting what I clearly asked for.  My sister’s jaw dropped.  I took the food and we left.

After that I quit.  We went to the park to eat and get discovered by none other than the (wonderful and much loved) child and boyfriend that I’m intentionally avoiding.

Which only further proved my point to my sister.

From now on, she’ll be making my hair appointments.  That might fool the fates that torment me so.  Probably not.  I already know that my food will ALWAYS come out wrong, no matter who orders, so I’ve at least accepted that.

At least the coffee was delicious!!  It might have been the only successful part of my day, well, I mean, aside from hanging out with my sister, that was pretty cool, I suppose.



I had time to play with my hair and well…  It’s gonna have to be fixed.  The layers on the crown are neither long enough nor consistent and the bottom layer on my right side is at least an inch longer than on the left.  I WILL be asking for my money back, so let us cross our fingers that I do!


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